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GI-days 2003 - Objectives

Recent developments in the area of GI Technology show a clear trend: proprietary and monolithic isolated applications give way to open and interoperable systems. According to this development the build-up of Geodata - and Service - Infrastructures (GDI) is promoted on a global scale. The offered solutions range from plain Geodata access to GI-Services accessing distributed Geodata resources and providing Geoinformation according to individual requirements.

Science, economy and public administration create the requirements for the system mentioned above concerning the use of spatial information. A large number of professional and private users utilize spatial information in various planning and decision domains. Geoinformation thus represents a considerable value for business processes and private use in different ranges of applications.

Developments in the field of Geodata- and Service - Infrastructures go together with the increasing use of the Internet and international standardization attempts in IT and GI-Technology. At the same time, service providers fill the gap between data producers and data users in the rapidly growing market for Geoinformation.

What are the consequences of these developments for economy, public administration and science? Which research topics are the most pressing ones? What products and services are requested? What about the legal framework? Discussing these topics was the major goal of the Münster GI-days 2003.

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